Priority of your ads

The higher the priority of the ad, the higher position of your ad in the ad list. 

Each ad has the maximum priority for the selected status of the ad in the moment of publication.

For example:
If You post your ad for FREE,  its Priority is 10 points.
If You post BUSINESS-ad,  its Priority is 100 points.
If You post an ad as Business-PRO,  its Priority is 500 points.
If You place an ad in the Exclusive-status, its Priority is 1000 points.

Each day the ad's priority is reduced by 1 point, which leads to lower position in the list. 

You can raise the priority of your ad to a maximum in the selected status. 

The cost of increasing the priority is just 1 Euro and does not depend on the status or on the current priority of the ad. 

For example:

You published one ad in the BUSINESS-status, and second ad in the Business-PRO status. Suppose that today, Your BUSINESS-ad has a Priority of 12 points, and the Business-PRO has Priority of 430 points. If You want to increase the priority of both ads to maximum level, You will need to pay 1 (one) Euro for each ad. In total 2 Eur. Immediately after payment priority of Business-ad will be upgraded to 100 points, and priority of Business-PRO to 500 points.


Go to "My ads", select the ad and click on the link "Increase Priority".

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